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Revitalizing Massage Incorporated opened in June 1999. It is owned, managed and operated by Pamela Gall.


Pamela is a graduate of Bismarck High School, Bismarck State College and attended the University of Mary. She is a 1998 graduate of the Institute of Myotherapeutic Studies. Pamela is Board Certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.


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Board Certification

As a Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, Pamela is committed to provide safe, ethical and professional massage and bodywork services to the public. She has obtained a level of education, experience and training, demonstrating her knowledge of core skills, abilities, values and has passed a rigorous board certification exam. Board Certification results in the highest credential in the massage therapy field and is a symbol of quality, competence and professionalism.



Pamela's Continued Education Includes

* Effective Methods for Releasing Chronically Problematic Musculature
* Pain Management and Clinical Sports Massage
* Acupressure
* Seated Massage
* Business
* Healing Touch Level I and IIA
* Ethics and Professionalism, Therapeutic Relationships and The Human Energy System
* Alternatives to Antibiotics: Care and Feeding of The Immune System
* Science of Fascia: Anatomy of The Upper Extremity-Cadaver Lab
* Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
* Lower Extremity Dysfunctions
* Massage Management of Tension Headaches
* Illiotibial Band Syndrome
* Yamuna Body Rolling
* Functional Assessment, Examination and Treatment of Knee, Leg, Elbow and Wrist Joints
* Proper Stone Choice for Stone Massage
* Releasing Methods for The Thoracic Cage
* Deep Tissue Massage
* Body Mechanics
* Legal and Ethical Issues
* Myofacial Approaches for Head, Neck, and Upper Back
* Marketing Massage
* Trigger Point Massage
* The Myokinesthetic System

* Orthopedic Massage For the Lower Body

* Oncology Massage

* Pathology

* Pharmacology

* Infectious Disease

* Self Care


Pamela has participated in guided tours through the fascia of the human body via lecture
and prosected cadavers at the Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington Minnesota. She has learned fascias relevance, structure and clinical management and has explored the involvement of fascia in soft tissue pathologies.


Wellness, Prevention, Stress Management and Health..........





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