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How To Use The Online Calendar


1. Register as a member.

2. Enter your user name and password on the Login Page.


3. Once you have logged into your account, you will be taken to your "HOME" page.

4. To navigate throughout your account, use the navigation menu that is located in the upper left portion of each page, just below the heading "Revitalizing Massage." The navigation menu contains the pages "My Account", "Home", "Appointment","Buy Gift Certificate", and "Waiting List."


"My Account"

How to manage and update your profile information:

Select "My Account" then select "Profile." (Remember to save changes to your personal profile by clicking the "Update Information" button once you have finished making changes.)


How to view your scheduled and cancelled bookings:

Select "My Bookings" then select "Booking." Selecting the "Show Booking" button will provide you with information about your scheduled or cancelled massage. You will also be able to see if your online appointment is pending approval or if it has been approved by Revitalizing Massage. You can also pay for your online scheduled appointment on the Show Booking page.



You can cancel an appointment you scheduled online on the Home page by clicking the underlined text that reads "cancel." You will be redirected to a new screen. Select the "Show Booking" button. Then select the "Cancel Booking" button.(Please review our cancellation policy on our Web site under "Policies" on the main menu.)



Select "view available times" on the calendar.

This is where you will be able to view the online appointment calendar and schedule your appointments online!


If you do not see "view available times" on a date in the calendar:

The day has no available times and the "waiting list" option will not be available.


If you see "view available times" on a date, but do not see any times available:

The schedule is already full. You may add your name to the "waiting list."


"Buy Gift Certificate"

You may purchase a gift certificate for a dollar amount online on the Buy Gift Certificate page.


if you do not want your receiver to receive an email notifying them of your purchase or their gift certificate number. Place your email address in the receiver's email address box. Select the "buy" button once you have completed the receiver's information.


All online gift certificate purchases must be processed by PayPal.


You will be emailed your purchased gift certificate details, after confirming your payment.


A gift certificate number will be included in your email, or in your receiver's email if you provide the the receiver's email address.


Once you receive the gift certificate number, you may place the gift certificate number on any greeting card or paper to give to the receiver.


Revitalizing Massage will also send a paper gift certificate to your email address. The paper gift certificate can be printed on your personal printer. (Please allow 24 - 48 hours from the time of purchase to receive it.)


When it's time for the receiver to redeem their gift certificate, all Revitalizing Massage will need to receive from them is the gift certificate number!(Read more about our gift certificates on our Web site under "Purchase Gift Certificate" on the main menu.)



If you do not see a time available on the calendar, you may place your name on a waiting list.


Select "Add to Wait List", chose the desired "Service Name", chose Revitalizing Massage as the "Schedule Name", continue choosing the date and time, click the "SAVE" button.


You can also add your name to the waiting list when viewing the appointment calendar. This can be done by clicking the "Add To Waitlist" button on the day you would like an appointment.

If an unavailable time or date becomes available, members on a waiting list will be contacted in the order their request was received until the unavailable appointment is filled. The appointment must be confirmed by the member before it is considered filled.


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